Fairmont Peace Hotel:The Bund | No. 20 Nanjing East Road, Shanghai, China

If you have to choose just one hotel in Shanghai, China. I’d recommend the Fairmont Peace Hotel.

The Peace Hotel is more than just a hotel – it’s a legend. It has witnessed the ups and downs of the foreign market on the Bund, encapsulating a century of historical traditions and tales.

Let’s explore 10 lesser-known facts about the Peace Hotel today.

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01 The first building in Shanghai to install an elevator

The Peace Hotel is divided into north and south buildings. The south building, originally known as “Huizhong Hotel”, was constructed in 1906. Despite having only six floors, it was the tallest building on the Bund at the time. The building was installed with two Otis elevators, making it the first in Shanghai to have electric elevators.

The north tower of the Peace Hotel was completed in 1929. Known as the “Chinachem Hotel”, it had 12 floors and was dubbed the “First Tower in the Far East”.

02 Sassoon Presidential Suite

The founder of the Peace Hotel, Victor Sassoon, has a significant connection with the hotel’s presidential suite. Born into the British Jewish aristocratic Sassoon family, Victor belonged to the most famous and wealthy family in Shanghai at the time. The well-known Sassoon Building, Hamilton Building, and Chinachem Apartments were all owned by this family.

After the building was completed, Victor used the top floor as his private apartment. This apartment later became the Peace Hotel’s presidential suite, now known as the Sassoon Presidential Suite.

(The green roof is one of the Peace Hotel’s symbols)

03 Horses and Hounds

Visitors to the Peace Hotel are often amazed by the colorful glass dome in the hotel lobby. A closer inspection reveals a dog pattern under the dome, which might seem unusual at first.

This is because Victor, the Peace Hotel’s founder, was an enthusiast of horse racing and hunting. He incorporated his beloved hounds into the hotel’s decorations.

Victor’s influence doesn’t stop here. The Peace Hotel’s renowned jazz bar was once called “Horse and Hound”. As you might have guessed, this straightforward name was also given by Victor.

04 It’s both a hotel and a museum

The Peace Hotel, formerly known as the Chinachem Hotel, has a century-long history and has hosted hundreds of celebrities. As the filming location for many movies, it has countless stories to tell.

The hotel’s history is encapsulated in the Peace Museum, the first museum in China established within a hotel. It houses items such as tableware, keys, bathrobes, and messages from celebrities used in the hotel decades ago, offering a fascinating insight into its past.

Many people are unaware that the Peace Museum is open to tourists free of charge, operating from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm every day.

Hotel guests can also reserve a complimentary guided tour, where a staff member will share the history and legends of the Peace Hotel.

05 Celebrities who have stayed at the Peace Hotel

Many renowned figures, some of whom we only read about in history books, have stayed at the Peace Hotel, their visits becoming part of the hotel’s rich tapestry of stories.

  • Sun Yat-sen wrote his famous quote, “the revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard” here.
  • Qian Xuesen celebrated his wedding here.
  • Chiang Kai-shek and Soong Meiling held their engagement ceremony here.
  • Prolific British writer Bernard Shaw and comedy legend Charlie Chaplin both stayed here.
  • British playwright Noel Coward penned his famous play “Private Lives” here.

And the list goes on…

06 Movies filmed at the Peace Hotel

The Peace Hotel was honored with the “Centennial Film Special Contribution Award” at the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival.

Over 40 movies have been filmed here, including well-known titles such as “The Wave That Never Disappears”, “The Wind Listener”, “Ruan Lingyu”, “Little Times”, “Little Things in the Big City”, “Shake, Shake, Shake”, “To Grandma Bridge”, and “Mei Lanfang”.

The 2018 spy film “Peace Hotel” was set in the hotel itself. The crew spent more than 20 million to create an almost exact replica of the Peace Hotel in Hengdian.

07 Senior Jazz Band

The Jazz Bar of the Peace Hotel, formerly known as the “Horse and Hounds”, holds a Guinness World Record as the world’s oldest orchestra. The average age of the musicians in the Senior Jazz Band is 83 years old.

This orchestra has been performing here every night since 1980 and has also performed for world leaders visiting Shanghai.

The Senior Jazz Band performs twice a day, from 18:30 to 24:00. Their classic rendition of “Time to Say Goodbye” is a must-listen. Advance reservations are required. If you decide to see them on the spur of the moment, there may not be any space.

08 The Nine Kingdoms Suite of Peace Hotel

The Nine Kingdoms Suite is another feature of the Peace Hotel. This was the brainchild of the founder, Victor, who aspired to incorporate luxurious styles from all over the world into his hotel.

These nine suites are located on the 5th to 7th floors of the hotel, with three suites on each floor. Each suite faces the Huangpu River and is decorated with characteristic elements from nine countries: India, the United Kingdom, China, the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Germany.

09 The view of the Bund from the sky garden on the ninth floor

In my opinion, the sky garden in the Huamao Pavilion on the 9th floor of the Peace Hotel is the most beautiful terrace in Shanghai. Here, you can enjoy afternoon tea while taking in the stunning view of the Huangpu River and the Bund.

Watching the night view of the Bund from here offers a unique experience. The bright lights along the river can be seen in full view.

The Chinachem Pavilion is an ideal spot for celebrating special occasions like birthdays, proposals, and Valentine’s Day.

10 Who owns the Peace Hotel?

After reading this, you might be curious about who owns such a legendary hotel like the Peace Hotel.

The current owner of the Peace Hotel is the Jin Jiang Hotel Group, while Fairmont, a brand of AccorHotels, manages the Peace Hotel. Click to learn more about the Guide to Accor Hotel Brands and Cheap Bookings.

If you visit the Peace Hotel, you’ll see the Fairmont logo, a legendary brand. We’ll tell you more about the legendary Fairmont story later.

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