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How to book a luxury hotel cheaply through travel booking sites in 2023?

How to book a luxury hotel at a low price? What are the best booking sites? Today, you tabloids will share some practical tips and strategies with you.

Make good use of price comparison websites

Do you usually book hotels on booking platforms such as Booking, Agoda, and Ctrip? But if you want to find the lowest price among these platforms, you need to open these platforms one by one, enter the hotel name and check-in time again and again, and then compare the price.

In fact, there is a more convenient way, you can directly through the price comparison website, just enter the hotel you want to stay in once and the time of stay, the price comparison website will automatically search the major booking platforms, help you compare the lowest price, convenient and fast. Then you can jump to the corresponding platform to make a reservation with just one click.

If you are booking a hotel abroad, I recommend HotelCombined. This is currently the world’s largest hotel price comparison website, and the Chinese version is called Biyi.com.

If you’re booking a hotel in China, check out Qunar, Hornet’s Nest or TripAdvisor.

In addition, if you want to apply for the BRD Best Price Guarantee, the price comparison website can save you a lot of time. You don’t need to search for prices one by one, you only need to enter once on the price comparison website to find the lowest price on the whole network.

Become a member of the hotel group

If you already have a hotel you like, I recommend checking to see if it belongs to a hotel group.

For example, Grand Mercure mentioned above is owned by AccorHotels Group, Holiday Inn is owned by IHG InterContinental Hotels, and so on.



Hotel groups have quality control over their hotels, especially several international chain brands, such as Marriott, Hilton, Accor, etc., which can basically stay with confidence. Even if there is any problem, it can be directly fed back to the group headquarters, and the handling is generally very user-friendly. This is something that is difficult for independent hotels to do.

In addition, if you can become a group member, not only can you enjoy a lower membership rate than the public, but you can also get points for each stay, and the points can be used to offset the cost of the next stay.

For a more detailed guide, you can check the strategy of hotel group members summarized by Youtabo.

Purchase hotel vouchers during the big sale

This is a new game in recent years, and many large hotel chains will launch coupons on booking sites such as Ctrip or Fliggy during the big sale.

Many hotel groups have such activities, you tabloid here to find Hilton’s previous activities, you can buy 599 yuan for 2 nights of room coupons, you can be Hampton by Hilton Choose from more than 1,80 hotels.

It is also very convenient to use this coupon, you can either call the hotel directly, tell you the code and ask the hotel to verify it for you, or you can book directly on the website.

In addition, the biggest advantage of this coupon is that it is non-refundable, that is, if you are not used during the validity period of the coupon, the money will be automatically returned to you.

My advice is that when there is a big sale, such as 618 or Double 1 1, be sure to pay attention to the sharing of the travel tabloid, and buy some hotel coupons with strong discounts in time. In this way, when you have travel needs, you can directly use these coupons, which is very flexible. Even if you don’t use it at the end, you can get a full refund without any stress.


All-inclusive package

Recently, all-inclusive packages are also very popular among booking platforms. All-inclusive means that in addition to hotel accommodation, there are also amusement park tickets, cycling experiences, water activities, travel and photography services, lunch or dinner buffets, etc.

This type of package is especially suitable for resort-type hotels, such as Changbaishan Hotel, Sanya Hotel and so on.

For example, this recently caught up Atlantis Sanya, the package for a 2-night sea-view room is 3688 yuan. If you book a sea view room in Atlantis separately, the price is about 1600 yuan per night, the aquarium ticket is 338 yuan per person, and this package includes 2 tickets. Counting accommodation and tickets alone, the package saves about 1,80 yuan compared to buying it separately, not to mention that this package also includes 5 travel photos, C show performances, breakfast, etc.

In short, if you are planning to go to an amusement park, or a ski resort, or other activities around the hotel, I recommend checking out such an all-inclusive package, the price may be a surprise.


Match hotel members

In recent years, several major booking sites have launched member matching campaigns. That is, if you are already a premium member of Ctrip or Alibaba, you can directly obtain a high-level member of the chain hotel through the matching activity.

For example, if you are an 88 VIP member, you can directly match to become an Accor member, and directly enjoy free double breakfast after booking, this benefit is generally upgraded to a platinum member or above.

In addition, after matching to become a member of the hotel group, in addition to enjoying the membership rate, you can also get point rewards for booking, membership upgrades and other benefits.

Occasional promotions

Every hotel has a low and high season, and generally during the low season, the hotel will tend to do some limited-time promotions. For example, last minuteevents, early bird rates, or hotel anniversaries. In addition to the discounted price, some events will give away additional points.



These activities are generally short-term activities, as few as 2-3 days, as many as about two weeks, and the discount may be as low as 5%.

If you want to get such information in the first place, you should pay attention to the official account of the hotel group and check the latest promotional information. Or you can follow the tabloids and we will share the latest hotel deals every week.

Negotiated rates for hotel stays

If you work for a large international company, there’s a good chance your company has negotiated rates with some hotel chains. You can check with your company’s HR department for details. If there is a negotiated price, usually your company will have a separate code, such as QR13.

The method of booking the negotiated price is also very simple, almost the same as the normal booking procedure. Search for a hotel on the hotel’s official website, enter the check-in time, and enter your company’s code QR13 before completing the reservation, you can directly get the price discount, the discount is usually 5% off to 7% off, or even lower, which is still very cost-effective.

You may ask, can I use a friend’s promo code?

Not recommended! Because when you book the company’s negotiated rate, usually the hotel will ask you to show the hotel’s badge or issue the company’s letter of introduction as proof when you check in.


Recommended by the best booking website

Than HotelCombined

This website is dedicated to price comparison, I recommend that you compare prices on this website before you finally book a hotel to confirm whether you are booking the lowest price on the whole network.

Where to

One of Qunar’s advantages is that you can compare the prices of many platforms at one stop, including Ctrip, eLong, Tongcheng and so on. It will also prompt whether there is a cashback or full discount promotion, which is still very practical and convenient.


Ctrip is a well-deserved travel leader in China, with the largest number of hotels on the platform. And in addition to booking hotel tickets, there are many services such as visas, currency exchanges, car rentals and so on.

In addition, the reference value of the above hotel reviews on Ctrip is very high, and even if you do not book on Ctrip, you Xiaobao itself will check the hotel reviews on Ctrip’s official website to obtain first-hand information.

In recent years, people have been criticized for the problem of big data killing, and this problem can also be solved by comparing prices on websites or searching without logging in.


Backed by the big tree of Alibaba, Fliggy’s development momentum in recent years is also very rapid. Especially recently, Fliggy F 3 and F 4 members can be matched with more and more international hotel members, such as F3 members can match Marriott Gold Card, Accor Gold Card and so on.

The advantage of matching is that booking certain packages on the Fliggy platform allows you to get a discount on the price and points rewards for the hotel at the same time.


In markets other than China, Booking is definitely the leader in the industry, with the largest number of hotels on the Internet.

In addition, reservations made on Booking generally only need to be guaranteed by credit card, and no advance payment is required.


If you want to book a hotel in Southeast Asia or Japan and Korea, A goda’s price is still very advantageous.

In addition, Agoda also has today’s offer and promotion codes, and the website will list some limited-time discount hotels. And if you enter the promo code when booking a hotel, you can get a discount directly.



You’ll find a collection of useful travel booking sites here, one-stop for booking your next trip.

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