Accor Hotels is one of the world’s largest hotel groups. For members, accumulating points is a significant benefit. These points can be redeemed for free nights, vacation packages, shopping, and more.

Compared to other hotel groups, Accor points are the easiest to use among all membership programs. They’re especially suitable for new members who have never joined a hotel group. There’s no need to check the redemption level and there are no off-peak or peak seasons. As long as you have enough points in your account, you can directly offset your hotel expenses.

In this article, we provide the most comprehensive guide to earning points for Accor Hotels members. We cover how to use Accor points to offset room charges, maximize their value, and earn more points.

What are Accor Points?

As a member of Accor Hotels, you can earn points on all your hotel expenses. These points can be used to reduce the cost of your future stays.

To become a member, simply provide basic information to register for free. More details can be found in the Accor Member Guide. Accor Live Limitless, previously known as Le Club AccorHotels, categorizes its points into two types:

  • Status Points: These points determine your membership level and can only be earned through hotel expenditures.
  • Bonus Points: These points are redeemable for accommodation or other expenses, and can be accrued through various promotional activities.

How to use Accor Points?

Utilizing Accor points is straightforward. Unlike other hotel chains, there’s no need to take into account factors such as hotel category or high-demand seasons. Accor points function like currency, with a fixed exchange rate.

Every 2,000 Accor points are equivalent to 40 euros.

The most cost-effective way to use points is to offset hotel expenses.

If your account has at least 2,000 points, you can use them to cover costs, including any chargeable expenses to your room account, such as room fees, meals, laundry charges, and even purchases at the hotel’s gift shop.

How to Use Points to Deduct Room Charges?

The simplest and most commonly used method is to inform the front desk when you check out. Specify how many points from your account you would like to use to offset your hotel expenses. For instance, if your room fee is about 50 euros, you can use 2,000 points to exchange for 40 euros, and then you will only need to pay 10 euros.

Alternatively, you can also choose to use your points when booking through the Accor official website.

Simply check the box to use points during booking. Every 2,000 points will deduct 40 euros, and you can pay any remaining balance in cash.

Redeem Points for Vacation Packages

Accor refers to this opportunity as Dream Stays, which allows all points to be redeemed for a vacation package.

Take this 2017 event as an example. Here, 48,000 points could be redeemed for a 3-night stay for two at the Sofitel Tahiti Beach Resort. This includes breakfast for two and a dinner.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our The latest Accor deals updated weekly to make sure you don’t miss out on such opportunities in the future!

Points Redemption Activities and Products

You can explore a wide range of products and experiences redeemable with Accor points on the Accor website.

These include concerts, exhibitions, books, electronic products, and even jewelry.

The redemption process is straightforward. Simply log into your Accor membership account, select what you want, and pay with points.


Redeem Points for Airline Miles

Accor has partnerships with many airlines worldwide, enabling you to redeem points for airline miles.

This includes international airlines like Air France, Aeroflot, and British Airways, Air China and China Southern Airlines. You can find more information on Accor’s official website.

In summary, Accor points are highly valuable among international hotel groups due to their low exchange threshold, high value, and ease of use.

How to Earn Accor Points?

Earn Accor Points by Booking a Room

The primary way to earn Accor points is by booking hotel accommodations through official channels:

Please note that third-party channels like Booking and Agoda usually do not allow for point accumulation. Certain packages only accumulate points during promotions. Always confirm with customer service before placing an order.

The chart below shows the membership levels and the corresponding points earned for every 10 euros spent on bookings through official channels.

Earn Accor Points by Dining

Accor recently introduced a new points benefit. Members can earn points by dining at Accor-owned restaurants, even if they’re not staying at the hotel.

If you’re staying at the hotel, you can ask the hotel staff to charge your restaurant bill to your room. This way, the expense will automatically be added to your account as points after checkout.

If you’re dining without staying at the hotel, show your AccorHotels membership card or Accor Plus membership card and ask the staff to transfer the points from your meal charge to your membership account.

Based on my experiences, many hotel restaurants are unaware of this policy. I recommend keeping your receipt. If the points aren’t added, you can call Accor customer service to request point replenishment.

Another convenient way to earn dining points is to link your credit card to the ALL app. This way, you can automatically earn points when you pay with that card at restaurants. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the ALL app and log in to “Account” in the lower right corner.
  2. Scroll down and select “Bank Card”.
  3. Click “Link Card” to earn reward points.
  4. Use the linked card for payments at restaurants.

Earn Accor Points Through Meeting Events

If you’re planning a meeting or team-building event at an Accor Hotel, make sure to register as an Accor member.

As a member, you can earn 1 point for every 2 euros spent during conference activities.

Even a small event can cost a few thousand yuan, and a large event can cost hundreds of thousands. The points you can earn from such events can be quite substantial. Whether you redeem these points for free rooms, vacation packages, or merchandise, it’s a cost-effective strategy.

Apart from the methods mentioned above, Accor members can also earn points through partner services like car rentals from Europecar.

GTV Accor Points Guide

  • Make sure to put all purchases at the hotel on room charges, such as breakfast, SPA, laundry service, etc., to earn more points.
  • Taxes and service charges cannot earn points, nor can expenses and accommodations redeemed with points.
  • Ibis and ibis Styles in China do not participate in the AccorHotels Points Program.
  • There is generally a minimum consumption requirement to accumulate points. If you plan to spend less than 10 euro at a hotel and still want to earn points, check in advance if the hotel has a minimum consumption threshold.

How to Quickly Earn Accor Points?

Apart from gaining points through regular stays and dining, you can also earn double points by participating in various hotel points promotions. How to participate in points promotions is generally the same:

  1. First, log into your AccorHotels or Accor Plus membership account.
  2. Click on the event registration link to successfully register for the promotion.
  3. Book your hotel stay as usual, and points will be automatically credited to your account after check-in.

Remember, if you fail to register for a promotion, you will not be able to manually add bonus points later, even if you contact customer service. Therefore, register for any points promotion as soon as it’s available, regardless of whether you have a booking or not.

Here, you can find some of the most common Accor points promotions The latest Accor hotel booking offers, points promotion information.

4x Accor Points Promotion

AccorHotels often provides a 4x points promotion for their newly opened hotels during the initial months of operation. Essentially, by registering for this promotion and paying the regular room rate, you can earn four times the usual points.

6000 Bonus Points Event

So, what does 6000 points mean? As we mentioned earlier, every 2000 points can deduct 40 euros. Therefore, 6000 points can deduct 120 euros.

Consequently, Accor’s annual 6000 points event is my favorite points promotion.

The structure of the annual 6000 points event is as follows:

  • First stay (minimum 2 room nights) = 500 bonus points
  • Second stay (from 2 room nights) = 2500 bonus points
  • Third stay (from 2 room nights) = 3000 bonus points

Approximately 90% of Accor hotels participate in this event. You will have numerous choices, from mid to low-end hotels and high-end hotels.

You might ask, “Can I accumulate points if I participate in the new hotel’s 4x points and 6000 point events simultaneously?”

The answer is NO. If you register for both promotions at once, the system will automatically choose the promotion that awards the highest points for each of your stays.

Irregular Points Activities

The above two activities are held every year and are significant.

Additionally, smaller points activities are also available:

  • 3x points event
  • 888 bonus points event
  • Resort hotel multiple points activities, etc.

In conclusion, register first for any Accor points program. This way, in case you need to travel, your points can be restored quickly.

You can also follow our monthly updates on Accor’s latest TOP offers. We will share timely updates on points activities, redemption, and usage strategies.

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