Marriott Bonvoy New Members: Refer-A-Friend promotion, worth about 70$

Marriott has a long-term promotion for new members, the Refer-A-Friend campaign.  In this post, you’ll find out what is Refer-A-Friend? Is this Marriott Bonvoy promotion worth it? and how to earn about $70?

If you don’t know what is Marriott Bonvoy yet, here is a guide for you, and everything you need to know about Marriott Hotel deals, and customer service info.

Refer-A-Friend campaign

For the new members:

If you have never registered as a Marriott member before, and are referred to Marriott Bonvoy by an existing member, you can receive 2,000 bonus points per stay in the first year, for up to the first five stays, that’s a maximum of 10,000 bonus points, worth about $70.

For the existing members:
The existing Marriott Bonvoy member who did the referring can receive 2,000 bonus points for each stay the new member makes, for up to the first five stays. and can earn bonuses for referring up to five friends, for a total of up to 50,000 Bonvoy bonus points, worth about $350.

Check out what the Marriott points can be used for.

Campaign period: Long-term

Campaign link

How to enjoy the Refer-A-Friend campaign?

In order to take advantage of this campaign, the existing member needs to send an invitation, which requires putting the email address of the new member, plus his/her name, email address and more.

  1. Click the campaign link on Marriott’s official site.
  2. Fill in the email address of the new member, plus other basic information (including Marriott Bonvoy card number).
  3. Your friend will receive the invitation in 2-3 days, they need to click the link to register as Marriot Bonvoy members, and fill in your name and card number.
  4. After your friend checks into the hotel, both of you can receive bonus points in your account.
  5. Book your stay via Marriott offical channels.

Go Travel Video comment:

Currently, this is the only new member promotion of Marriott, so if you’re going to join the Marriott loyalty program, this offer is your best option.

Each member can refer up to five new members each calendar year to make the most of this exclusive offer.

Marriott Bonvoy 1 point value about 0.7 cents, that’s why I value this campaign offers up to 70$ for new members, that is about $14 per stay.

Another good thing about this promotion is both the person referring and the person being referred will be rewarded.

Plus, this campaign is also in addition to all the other rewards points campaign.

Members need to book directly through Marriott’s official channels to earn points.


It’s always nice to get an additional bonus for joining a hotel loyalty program, so forward this post to your non-Marriott Bonvoy members now!

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