Immerse yourself in Bali’s tropical paradise, where the best hotels in Bali await to indulge your senses with a perfect blend of natural beauty and refined luxury. The top hotels in Bali offer more than just accommodation; they serve as gateways to the island’s captivating tranquility and allure. From Ubud’s lush greenery to Nusa Dua’s serene beaches, each hotel is a destination unto itself, promising an experience you won’t forget.

Best Hotels in Bali

Hotel NameLocationTop AmenitiesTop Comment
Alaya Resort UbudUbudFree breakfast, WiFi, parking, spa, fitness center“Great location in Ubud based in the Alaya Hotel near Monkey Forest.”
Courtyard Bali Nusa Dua ResortNusa DuaSwimming pool, spa, fitness center, restaurant on site, air conditioning“Thank you Courtyard Bali Nusa Dua for providing the best hospitality experience.”
Desa Hay CangguCangguOutdoor swimming pool, free private parking, garden, restaurant“Most well-designed luxury hotel in Bali.”
The Legian SeminyakSeminyakThree-tiered outdoor pool, gym, spa center“Incredible hotel located right on the beach.”
The Ungasan Clifftop ResortUluwatuPrivate beachfront, fitness facilities, day spa“Beautiful, tranquil resort with stunning views.”
Tandjung Sari HotelSanurBeachfront retreat, outdoor pool, sun deck“Unique beachfront property with individual bungalows.”
La Reserve 1785 Canggu BeachCangguOutdoor swimming pool, garden, terrace, bar“Highly elegant, historic property with great value.”
St. Regis Bali ResortNusa DuaDirect beach access, refurbished villas, multiple dining options“Exclusive and luxurious with direct beach access.”

Discovering Best Hotels in Bali

Alaya Resort Ubud is renowned as a tranquil sanctuary tucked away in Bali’s cultural epicenter. Graced with a highly commendable 9/10 rating, this resort is acclaimed for its close proximity to the enchanting Monkey Forest and its exceptional spa services that deliver a genuine Balinese experience.

Just a stone’s throw away, the Courtyard Bali Nusa Dua Resort emerges as a refuge for those in pursuit of a blend of relaxation and luxury. The resort’s outstanding swimming pool and spa services are complemented by a 9/10 rating, a testament to the exceptional hospitality it extends to each guest.

In a league of its own, Desa Hay Canggu boasts an impressive 9.8 rating. This resort is celebrated for its exquisite design and luxury that reflects modern Balinese architecture, complete with an outdoor swimming pool and lush garden spaces.

Nestled on the beachfront, The Legian Seminyak is an iconic property where sophistication meets the ocean. The resort has earned a 9.5 rating for its stunning three-tiered outdoor pool and a well-appointed gym and spa center catering to every wellness need.

Perched atop a cliff in Uluwatu, The Ungasan Clifftop Resort offers breathtaking panoramic views. With a 9.6 rating, this resort is admired for its private beachfront and top-notch fitness facilities, ensuring a serene retreat for every guest.

Tandjung Sari Hotel in Sanur is a unique beachfront property that has garnered a 9.6 rating. It captivates guests with its individual bungalows and traditional Balinese hospitality that is second to none.

Emanating a harmonious blend of history and elegance, La Reserve 1785 Canggu Beach offers an outdoor swimming pool and a garden terrace. This resort is the go-to place for guests seeking a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle.

Last but certainly not least, St. Regis Bali Resort in Nusa Dua epitomizes exclusivity and luxury. The resort boasts refurbished villas and direct beach access, guaranteeing a stay that is as private as it is luxurious.

How to Book Luxury Hotels For Less?

#1 Join Loyalty Programs

Consider enrolling in hotel loyalty programs. As a member, you can enjoy exclusive deals, discounts, and sometimes even free nights. For more information on hotel loyalty programs such as Marriott, IHG, and Hilton hotels, visit our website for hotel guides and hotel deals.

#2 Use Price Comparison Websites

Use websites that compare hotel prices across different booking platforms. These provide a quick overview of where to find the lowest rates for your preferred hotel. Many people may not be aware that TripAdvisor is actually an excellent source for such price comparisons.

#3 Look for Package Deals

Booking a flight and hotel together as a package can often be less expensive than booking them separately. You can find such deals on Online Travel Agency (OTA) sites like Agoda and

#4 Search for New Hotels

Newly opened hotels often offer introductory rates to attract guests and establish their reputation.

For additional hotel booking tips, please refer to our detailed hotel booking guide. It is designed to help you book 5-star hotels at reasonable prices.

GTV Luxury Hotel Booking Tips

If you’re making a reservation for a special occasion – such as an anniversary, family trip, or travel with children – include a note during the booking process to inform the hotel.

This tactic can be particularly beneficial if you’re a member of hotel groups like Marriott, IHG, or Accor hotels, as it can potentially increase your chances of receiving special treatment or a room upgrade.

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The 8 best hotels in Bali offer more than just accommodation; they provide experiences reflecting the island’s spirit. Each one presents a unique aspect of Balinese hospitality, ensuring guests have a comfortable and culturally enriching stay. Whether you’re enjoying a luxurious clifftop resort or a charming beachfront bungalow, these hotels guarantee an unforgettable experience. Have a magical stay in Bali!


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