If you’re planning a trip, you may often browse different travel websites for inspiration and information. But the most reliable, thorough, and practical travel information is usually on the official websites of national tourism bureaus.

Today, we’ll share useful travel information available on various official websites. This includes a list of links to the official tourism bureau websites from popular destination countries around the world.

Travel Information on Official Tourism Bureau Websites

Tourism bureau websites, managed by governments or official agencies worldwide, exist to highlight and market their tourism resources and services to international travelers.

These websites provide extensive travel information, such as:

  • Fundamental information about the country, including geography, history, culture, customs, and festivals.
  • Information on tourist attractions like landmarks, natural wonders, cities, and villages, encompassing descriptions, locations, opening hours, and admission fees.
  • Details about tourist activities, including outdoor activities, adventures, sports, entertainment, shopping, and dining options, complete with recommendations, reservation options, and costs.

  • Information about visas, including the application process, necessary documents, costs, and validity periods.
  • Safety information, like travel insurance, emergency contacts, healthcare services, legal assistance, and travel alerts.
  • Travel guides, which cover itinerary planning, travel themes, optimal seasons to visit, budget advice, and travel tips.

The information on these websites is verified and regularly updated by officials, making them a reliable resource for travelers.

So, which country would you like to visit?

Here are the websites for tourist offices in some popular destinations.

Tourist Office Websites for Popular Destinations

Official Tourism of Thailand

Official Tourism of Switzerland

Official Tourism of Singapore

Official Tourism of Maldives

Official Tourism of Australia

Official Tourism of USA

Official Tourism of South Africa

Official Tourism of Spain

Official Tourism of Mexico

Official Tourism of Italy

Official Tourism of Great Britain

Official Tourism of Norway

Official Tourism of Macao

Official Tourism of Hong Kong

Official Tourism of the Philippines

Taiwan Transportation and Tourism Bureau Official Website

Japan National Tourist Office Official Website

New Zealand National Tourist Office Official Website

Denmark National Tourist Office Official Website

Finland National Tourist Office Official Website

Czech National Tourist Office Official Website

Austria National Tourist Office Official Website

Belgium (Flanders) Tourist Office Official Website

France Tourism Development Agency Official Website

Portugal National Tourist Office Official Website

Canada National Tourist Office Official Website

Jamaica National Tourist Office Official Website

Ghana National Tourist Office Official Website

In addition to official tourist websites, you can also use other travel resources like Trip.com, TripAdvisor, and Klook. They provide services such as airline tickets, hotel bookings, travel guides and reviews.

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