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Hyatt Hotels Members, World of Hyatt Guide 2022

In 1957,  Jay Pritzker bought Hyatt House Motel near Los Angeles International Airport and established the Hyatt brand. Hyatt Hotels currently has nearly 1,200 hotels and resorts in 57 countries with 18 brands.  In terms of quantity alone, it is the fewest of the world’s major hotel groups, but the quality of Hyatt’s hotels is still very good.

The Hyatt Hotels Group Brand

Luxury brands: Park Hyatt, Miravel

Business brands: Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt

Lifestyle brands: Andaz, Hyatt Centric, The Unbound Collection, Modern Essentials, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Hyatt Ziva 、Hyatt Zilara

World of Hyatt

Hyatt’s membership program is called the World of Hyatt, and here is the guide of world of Hyatt membership.

World of Hyatt membership tiers

The World of Hyatt loyalty program is divided into:

  • Become members by registering for free.
  • Discoverist: accumulates 10 qualifying nights or earns 25,000 Base Points
  • Explorist: accumulates 30 qualifying nights or earns 50,000 Base Points
  • Globalist: accumulates 60 qualifying nights or earns 100,000 Base Points
  • Courtesy Card is an invitation-only membership that is considered a hidden membership, and only hotel owners are eligible to invite.
  • Lifetime Globalist: Members who accumulate 1 million base points can receive lifetime Globalist membership.

World of Hyatt membership benefits

The benefits of each level of Hyatt membership can be found on Hyatt offical website.

Here are a few benefits that are slightly different from other hotel groups.

Explorist Special Benefits:

Stay 20-30 nights and get a total of 4 Club Upgrade Awards, free Executive Room Type, and each voucher can be upgraded to a full stay for up to 7 nights.

At present, only Grand Hyatt or Hyatt Recycling has an executive floor and an executive lounge.

Globalist Special Benefits:

Unlike other group loyalty programs, Hyatt treats global customers almost to the extreme.

  • Get a complimentary suite upgrade
  • Globetrotter can use Regency Club free of charge every day during check-in. If the hotel does not include a Club Lounge, you can enjoy complimentary breakfast at the restaurant every day (2 adults and 2 children).
  • Late check-out and early check-in at 4pm
  • Global members can enjoy free parking during their free stay. For city hotels in the Americas and Europe, it is a great deal for members.
  • Stay 50 nights or more and receive 2 suite vouchers each. Upgrades to suites can be confirmed at the time of booking, and each voucher is upgraded for a full stay for up to 7 days.
  • Globetrotters can use points to book free nights for others, and occupants can enjoy all the treatment of Global.
  • For stays of 60 nights per year or after Worldwide Tier Recognition, you will be awarded 1 free night, valid for 120 days, redeemable for Cat1-7 hotels by Hyatt.

Hyatt Rewards for Premium

For every 10 nights you stay in a year, you’ll receive additional progression bonuses up to 100 nights in addition to the above membership benefits.

Advanced rewards include bonus points, free night awards, suite upgrade bonuses, and more.

Earn World of Hyatt Points

Acquired through accommodation, meals, etc

5 base points can be awarded for 1 US dollar spent in the hotel, and different levels can earn bonus points ranging from 10% to 30%. Points can be awarded for staying at the hotel, dining or SPA at the hotel.

When you reach 70/80/90/100 nights per year, you can choose between 10,000 Rewards Points or a suite upgrade voucher.

Points purchase, gifting and merging

Reward points can be purchased directly through the official website, especially when the hotel launch points promotions, the maximum discount is 40%.  Each account can purchase up to 55,000 points  per year, and accept up to 55,000 points from others.

Members can also combine the points in their account with the points of another designated member, both of whom need to sign an application form and can be combined up to 1 time every 30 days. If Hyatt suspects that you are involved in the purchase or sale of points, it may close your account and forfeit the points.

Credit card and purchases from Hyatt partners

10 Base Points are awarded for $1 spent at Exhale SPA, and bonus points ranging from 10% to 30% depending on the membership.

Merchants on Hyatt’s official FIND Experience website earn 10 Base Points for $1 purchase, and different memberships can earn 10% to 30% bonus points.

Chase UR Points can be transferred 1:1 directly to the Hyatt system as bonus points.

Hyatt’s Chase Bank co-branded card earns $1 and 3 bonus points for purchases at Hyatt hotels, and $1 bonus points for other merchants.

World of Hyatt points redeem for a free room

World of Hyatt points can be redeemed for free room stays, and hotels are divided into 8 levels (CAT8), and the points used to redeem free rooms vary depending on the hotel level.

In addition, World of Hyatt Points are special in that they can be used to upgrade room types and are open to all members:

  • Upgrade to Club room and your points are: 3000/6000/9000 points per night.
  • The upgrade can be completed as long as the corresponding room is available at the time of booking, of which the Regency Club upgrade can be completed on the official website, and the standard and designated superior suite upgrades need to be operated by calling customer service.
  • The room rate is calculated according to the Standard Rate on the day of the upgrade and any discounted rate will not be accepted.

In addition, if you don’t have enough points in your account, you can also choose to redeem the room night by cash + points. Points used in this way are also determined by the level of the hotel, which can be found on the Hyatt Regency website.

World of Hyatt points are converted into airline miles

Points in Hyatt member accounts can be redeemed for airline miles, and there are about 20 airlines around the world that are Hyatt’s partners, including Air France, Aeromexico, Air China, All Nippon Airlines, American Airlines and more. The percentage of redemption can be found here.

In general, the use of Hyatt points is not as good as Accor Points. But Hyatt Regency is more famous for its dining quality, whether it is an executive lounge or a hotel restaurant, it is worth trying.

If you still have any questions, you can leave a message to me in the comment area below.

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