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Hotel booking guide: hotel room types Twin Bed, Double Bed, King Bed, Superior Room

When booking hotels, especially international chain hotels, such as Marriott, Accor, etc., you may often encounter some difficult hotel room types English names, such as Twin bed, King bed, Superior Room and so on.

What are the types of hotel room types? What does the English name of each room type mean? Today’s You tabloid will explain to you in detail.



Generally, large chain hotels will mark the room type of the hotel according to the size and number of beds, room type level, landscape, etc., so that guests can get complete information when booking.

For example, in the picture above, this room type is the hotel’s superior room, a large King Bed (about 1.). 93 m-2 03 m), with garden view Garden View.

Twin Bed Room

Twin Bed refers to the room with 2 single beds, which is the most basic and common room type in most hotels.

There is no clear standard for the size of each single bed, and the single bed in domestic hotels is generally 1.5 meters to 2 meters, or 1 35 m-2 m. Some resort-type hotels may have larger single beds.

If you are booking a hotel abroad, especially in Japan and Hong Kong, it is recommended to confirm the size of the bed before booking, some hotels may have a small single bed, the narrowest I have seen is 0.9 m – 2 meters, may not be too comfortable to sleep on.


Double Bed Room

The Double Bed is the most misleading, and it looks like there are two beds in the room.

In fact, Double Bed refers to a room with a double bed (A Double Bed), also called a double bed room, suitable for couples or couples, generally You can also bring minor children with you.

The size of the large bed in domestic hotels is generally 1.5 meters to 2 meters, and even 1.8 meters to 2 meters. Bed sizes for the same room type in foreign hotels may be smaller.


Single Bed Room

Single Bed means that there is only 1 small bed in the room, which is suitable for only 1 person. This type of room is generally relatively small, and most of them appear in low-end hotels, such as youth hostels in China, small hostels in Hong Kong or Japan, etc. If you’re booking a high-end hotel, you don’t usually see this room type.


King  Size Bed  and Queen Size Bed

King Size or Queen Size room types also only have a large bed, but the size of the bed will be larger than the ordinary double room,  which is more common in some mid-to-high-end hotels.

So what’s the difference between King Size and Queen Size ?

The size of King Size in international standards is 1 93m-2.03m, also known as king size bed. The size of the Queen Size is 1.52m-2 03 meters, there is also a queen size bed.

Overall, the King Size is a bit larger than the Queen Size, and there’s no difference otherwise.


Superior, Deluxe, Suite and other room types

In addition to indicating the size and number of beds, the hotel room type will also be divided into standard rooms, superior rooms, deluxe rooms, etc. The following are the English names corresponding to each room type:

  • Standard Standard Room
  • Superior Superior Room Type
  • Deluxe room type
  • Junior Suite Junior Suite, suites generally have more than 2 rooms, in addition to the bedroom and a living room. The higher the suite level, the more luxurious the package, and even restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Deluxe suite
  • Presidential Suite
  • Executive Room/Executive Room with Lounge Access Executive Room with Executive Treatment. Some hotels will indicate whether the room type includes executive treatment, and if so, you can dine in the executive lounge, enjoy happy hours, etc.

In addition, in some resorts, they are classified according to the view of the room, such as Sea View Room, Lake View Lake  View  Room, Garden  View Garden View Room, etc.

When booking a hotel, it is recommended to carefully read the description of the room type, including the room size, the maximum number of guests, etc. Whether it is on the price comparison website or the hotel’s official website, there will be relevant information.


This is the common sense that you must know when booking a hotel, especially when booking a hotel abroad, and I hope it can help everyone. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment area.


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