Back in 1957, Jay Pritzker acquired the Hyatt House Motel near Los Angeles International Airport, laying the foundation for what would become the iconic Hyatt brand. Today, Hyatt Hotels boasts an impressive portfolio of nearly 1,200 hotels and resorts spread across 57 countries, encompassing a remarkable collection of 18 distinct brands. Although Hyatt may have fewer properties compared to some of its competitors, its commitment to exceptional quality sets it apart as a leader in the hospitality industry.

The Hyatt Hotels Group Brand

Luxury brands: Park Hyatt, Miravel

Business brands: Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt

Lifestyle brands: Andaz, Hyatt Centric, The Unbound Collection, Modern Essentials, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Hyatt Ziva 、Hyatt Zilara

World of Hyatt

Hyatt’s membership program is called the World of Hyatt, and here is the guide of world of Hyatt membership.

World of Hyatt membership tiers

The World of Hyatt loyalty program is divided into:

  • Discoverist: Begin your World of Hyatt journey by registering for free. Progress to Discoverist status by accumulating 10 qualifying nights or earning 25,000 Base Points.
  • Explorist: Reach new heights by achieving Explorist status, attained after accumulating 30 qualifying nights or earning 50,000 Base Points. Enjoy exclusive benefits such as Club Upgrade Awards, free Executive Room upgrades, and more.
  • Globalist: The pinnacle of membership awaits as you become a Globalist. Achieve this elite status by accumulating 60 qualifying nights or earning 100,000 Base Points. Unlock unparalleled privileges, including complimentary suite upgrades, access to Regency Clubs, late check-out, and complimentary parking.
  • Courtesy Card: This invitation-only membership, reserved for hotel owners, provides an elevated level of exclusivity and tailored benefits.
  • Lifetime Globalist: For those who accumulate 1 million Base Points, the coveted Lifetime Globalist membership is granted, offering a lifetime of premium perks and privileges.

World of Hyatt membership benefits

The World of Hyatt membership bestows a multitude of advantages, ensuring each stay is extraordinary. For a comprehensive overview of benefits, please refer to the official Hyatt website. Here are a few standout features:

Explorist Special Benefits:

  • Stay 20-30 nights and receive 4 Club Upgrade Awards, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of exclusive lounges and upgraded room types.
  • Experience the luxury of Executive Floors and lounges available at select Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency properties.

Globalist Special Benefits:

  • Enjoy complimentary suite upgrades, offering the pinnacle of luxury during your stay.
  • Access Regency Clubs for free, relishing in their offerings throughout your entire stay. If a hotel does not have a Club Lounge, relish in complimentary daily breakfast at the restaurant for two adults and two children.
  • Experience flexibility with late check-out and early check-in at 4 pm.
  • Take advantage of free parking during your stay, making city hotel visits in the Americas and Europe even more convenient.
  • Stay 50 nights or more and receive 2 suite upgrade vouchers, allowing you to confirm suite upgrades at the time of booking for up to 7 days.
  • Treat loved ones by using your points to book free nights for others, granting them the same privileges as Globalist members.
  • Upon reaching 60 nights per year or after achieving Worldwide Tier Recognition, receive a free night valid for 120 days, redeemable at Category 1-7 Hyatt hotels.

Hyatt Rewards for Premium

In addition to membership benefits, you’ll be rewarded for your loyalty with progression bonuses based on the number of nights you stay each year, up to 100 nights.

Earn World of Hyatt Points

Accumulate points through various means such as accommodation, dining, and more. Earn 5 base points for every US dollar spent at Hyatt hotels, with additional bonus points ranging from 10% to 30%, depending on your membership tier. Explore the official Hyatt website for detailed information on point accumulation.

When you reach 70/80/90/100 nights per year, you can choose between 10,000 Rewards Points or a suite upgrade voucher.

Points purchase, gifting and merging

Purchase reward points directly from the official website, often at discounted rates during promotional periods (up to 40% off). Each account can purchase up to 55,000 points per year and receive up to 55,000 points from others.

Merge points between accounts by completing an application form with the designated member. This option is available once every 30 days but be mindful that Hyatt may close your account and forfeit your points if they suspect any involvement in point purchase or sale.

Credit card and purchases from Hyatt partners

Hyatt’s co-branded credit card with Chase Bank allows you to earn bonus points for purchases made at Hyatt hotels, as well as at other merchants. Additionally, explore the benefits of purchasing from Hyatt partners, where you can earn bonus points based on your membership level.

  1. Exhale SPA: For every $1 spent at Exhale SPA, you’ll earn 10 Base Points. Depending on your membership tier, you can also enjoy bonus points ranging from 10% to 30%, boosting your point accumulation and rewards.
  2. Merchants on Hyatt’s official FIND Experience website: When you make purchases through the FIND Experience website, you’ll earn 10 Base Points for every $1 spent. Different membership tiers offer bonus points ranging from 10% to 30%, providing additional incentives for your transactions.
  3. Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) Points: If you have Chase UR Points, you can transfer them to the Hyatt system at a 1:1 ratio, instantly converting them into valuable bonus points for your World of Hyatt membership.
  4. Hyatt’s Chase Bank co-branded card: Make the most of your purchases with Hyatt’s Chase Bank co-branded credit card. You’ll earn 3 bonus points for every $1 spent at Hyatt hotels and 1 bonus point for each $1 spent at other merchants, maximizing your earning potential.

These diverse avenues allow you to accumulate points quickly and efficiently, enabling you to enjoy the exclusive benefits and privileges offered by the World of Hyatt membership program.

Redeem World of Hyatt Points for Free Stays

World of Hyatt points can be redeemed for complimentary room stays across the hotel’s eight categories (CAT1-8). Upgrade your room type using points, with options such as Club room upgrades starting at 3,000 points per night. Cash + points options are also available for redemption, providing flexibility when points alone are insufficient.

In addition, World of Hyatt Points can be used to upgrade room types:

  • Upgrade to Club room: 3000/6000/9000 points per night.
  • The upgrade can be completed as long as the corresponding room is available at the time of booking, of which the Regency Club upgrade can be completed on the official website, and the standard and designated superior suite upgrades need to be operated by calling customer service.
  • The room rate is calculated according to the Standard Rate on the day of the upgrade and any discounted rate will not be accepted.

Convert World of Hyatt Points into Airline Miles

Exchange your Hyatt points for airline miles with approximately 20 global airline partners, including Air France, Aeromexico, Air China, All Nippon Airways, American Airlines, and more. Refer to the Hyatt website for specific redemption percentages.


In conclusion, while Hyatt’s point system may not rival that of some other hotel groups, its commitment to exceptional dining experiences, particularly in its executive lounges and hotel restaurants, sets it apart.

Discover the world of Hyatt and embark on unforgettable journeys while enjoying the perks and privileges offered by the World of Hyatt membership program. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


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