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Guide of Marriott Points: points calculator, redemption and purchase

When you sign up as a Marriott Bonvoy member, you can earn points for all spend at Marriott hotels, including accommodation, dining, SPA and more. The Marriott Points you accumulate can also be used to offset your next Marriott purchase.

In this article, we will explain how to use Marriott Points wisely, how to accumulate Marriott Points quickly, and how to book Marriott hotels with a minimum of 5% off.

Marriott Points Value

The biggest value of hotel points should be to redeem free rooms, which can be used at the right time and hotel, saving nearly 1,00USD for each stay.

So what is Marriott’s points worth?

Combined with the Marriott Points promotion, the value of Marriott Points is approximately 10,000 points = 72USD. At this rate, you can consider whether it is worth redeeming points for free rooms.

For example, this Marriott hotel costs 40,000 points to redeem points, and the cash reservation price is 354USD.

If you use points to redeem room, it costs about 288USD to buy 40,000 points, that is, you can book this hotel with about 288USD, and there is no need to pay taxes for point exchange.

If you can book in cash, you need pay 365USD, plus 65USD in taxes, that is in total of 430USD. Of course, you can also earn about 3650 points for cash bookings.

With this Marriott Points value ratio, it’s easy to decide whether to redeem your points for a free room.

What are Marriott Dynamic Points?

Here is a brief explanation of Marriott’s new policy for points, starting March 29, 2022, Marriott began to implement a dynamic points policy.

Originally, all Marriott hotels were divided into 8 tiers, called CAT1-8, which were divided into three categories: off-peak, peak or standard, but basically, the points required to redeem a Marriott hotel were relatively fixed.

marriott redeem points

Since March 2022, the number of points required to redeem Marriott hotels is not fixed, and each hotel is calculated separately, no longer divided by peak or off-peak level, but depends on availability and off-peak seasons.

Things you might also need to know about Marriott’s Dynamic Points:

  • No matter what Marriott website or app booking is, dynamic points are the same.
  • Dynamic credits do not affect the price of purchasing credits.
  • The number of points required for hotel redemption may fluctuate daily.

Marriott Points Validity

If your Marriott Bonvoy account does not have qualifying activity for 24 consecutive months, your Marriott Bonvoy Points will expire.

In other words, your Marriott membership points are valid for 24 months and will not be emptied as long as you earn or use them at least once in 24 months. This requirement should still be well achieved, even if you didn’t stay for 2 years, as long as you buy something with points, or even redeem for air miles, the points will not expire.

Marriott Points can be redeemed for a free room

What are the benefits of redeeming points for free rooms? In addition to the above, some Marriott hotels are cheaper to exchange points, and there are several other benefits:

  • Unlike cash payments, redeeming points for free rooms is not subject to taxes and service charges.
  • Generally, you can cancel one day in advance, and the points will be refunded after cancellation.
  • Redeem points for a free room to still enjoy Marriott’s membership benefits (e.g., free breakfast, room type upgrades).
  • Enjoy a 4 stay get 1 free offer and redeem your 4 nights credit for 5 consecutive nights. This discount is not available for cash bookings.
  • With “PointSavers”, you can redeem fewer points for a free room at Marriott hotels.
  • If the points are not enough, you can also redeem the “cash + points” for Marriott hotels.

Redeem your points for a free room on Marriott’s website

How to enjoy the 4 Stay 1 Free offer?

As long as you are a Marriott Bonvoy member (free to sign up as a Marriott member if you are not already), for every Five Consecutive Nights you redeem (pay with Marriott Bonvoy Points), you will receive the lowest Point-value Night free.

  • This offer is also available at all-inclusive resorts.
  • Points can only be used to book basic rooms, not superior rooms.
  • If you book a 10-night redemption stay, the lowest two nights of the entire 10 nights will be deducted.
  • As long as the booking is successful, no refunds are possible.
  • Rewards are not available for cash + points rewards, upgrade rewards, suite night rewards, and promotional rewards.
  • The stay must be Five Consecutive Nights at the same Hotel.

How to use “PointSavers” ?

When you check the hotels where your points are redeemed, you can see the tag “PointSavers”, indicating that fewer points were used than usual on this day, saving up to 20%. If you come across it, don’t miss it.

How do I book using the “Cash + Points” method?

There is a minimum standard to redeem points for free rooms, with a minimum of 3,500 points. If you don’t have enough points, you can book a Marriott hotel in the following ways:

Marriott Cash+Points is a minimum of $55+3,500 points

On the Marriott official website or APP, after searching for hotels, select the “cash + points” method to book directly.

How do I redeem my points for a free room at Marriott?

  1. On Marriott’s official website or app, log in to your Marriott Bonvoy member account.
  2. When searching for a hotel, check “Use Points/Certificates” to see the hotel’s redemption points.
  3. It is recommended that you select “Flexible Dates” when querying, and you can query the redemption points for one month.
  4. Although points are redeemed, credit card information is required to confirm the reservation, and if you do not show up, the room rate will be charged.

How do I earn Marriott Points? 

At most Marriott hotels, you earn 10 points for every $1 spent.

If you book Marriott apartments and villa, you can also earn points, and for every $1 spent, you can get 5 points.

Spending in hotels, not only accommodation costs, but also spending on hotel meals, laundry, SPA, etc., can be used to earn points.

Under one Marriott member account, you can accumulate spending points for up to 3 rooms. If you need to book more than 3 rooms and stay on the same day, I recommend using your family’s membership account to avoid wasting points.

If you are a conference or team planner and need to book more than 5 rooms, you can go directly Marriott Meetings & Events Rewards Points page, and check hotel details and earn points for spent on meetings.

Marriott Bonus Points: Members earn bonus points by tier

Members of Marriott Silver and above can earn additional bonus points in addition to earning basic points, and the higher the membership level, the more points they get, and the Marriott Rewards Points rules are as follows:

Marriott Silver: Extra Bonus 10%

Marriott Gold: Extra Bonus 25%

Marriott Platinum: Extra Bonus 50%

Marriott Titanium and Ambassador: Extra 75% Bonus

Rewards points are calculated based on Base Points, for example, a Marriott Platinum member who earns 1,000 Base Points earns an additional 50% reward, or 500 Rewards Points.

Marriott Bonvoy members benefits | 游小报 Go Travel Video


Marriott Bonus Points Rewards: Quarterly Points Rewards Campaign

The way to participate in the points activity is basically the same, you need to register for the event first, then log in to the member account and book a room on the Marriott official website. You can find Marriott’s latest booking offers and points rewards offers here.

To earn Marriott Points quickly, staying at a Marriott hotel during the event period and participating in the points reward program is one of the most effective ways. We recommends that when you book a hotel before your next trip, you should check the latest activities on the website.

Earn extra Marriott points: Buy points

In addition to accumulating points through accommodation and food consumption, the fastest way is to buy points directly, especially when there is a point purchase activity.

Points can be purchased daily on Marriott’s official website: 1,000 points can be purchased for $12.50.

Buy points on Marriott’s official website

When there is a points event, the same $12.50 can buy up to 1500 points, and if there is Marriott’s latest point purchase event, you can find it here Marriott’s latest point purchase campaign.

You must register for a Marriott Bonvoy member for at least 30 days to purchase points. In addition, there is a limit to the number of points that can be purchased per person, up to a maximum of 50,000 points a year. If the purchase point limit is not enough, you can buy it with your family’s account and then transfer it to your account. Each account can transfer up to 100,000 points and transfer 500,000 points per year.

How to calculate Marriott points? 

Let’s take a separate example to see how Marriott Points are calculated. For example, if you stay in a hotel, the room fee is 100USD + tax is about 20USD + the meal or SPA cost is 50USD.

The Marriott Base Points you can earn are calculated as:

Base Points = (Room + Meals, etc.) × 10

The example given above (100+50) × 10 = 1500 base points

To clarify, taxes and fees are not creditable, and the part that can be credited is the room rate and other purchases at the hotel. Speaking of which, remind you that all purchases in the hotel remember to put them on your the room bill, which can make it more convenient to earn points.

Depending on the membership level, you can add membership bonus points:

Silver: Base Points × 1.1

Gold: Base Points × 1.25

Platinum: Base Points × 1.5

Titanium and Ambassadors: Base Points × 1.75

Useful link to Marriott Points redemption

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Marriott Points are redeemed for airline miles

Marriott group bookings or conference bookings


To book a Marriott hotel at a low price, it’s recommended to take advantage of membership benefits and points, here’s our summary:

  • As long as Marriott has a selling point promotion, start the points at a low price. Promotions follow the latest Marriott hotel deals.
  • If there is a Marriott Rewards Points campaign, register for the event first, even if you don’t stay at the end, there will be no loss.

If you have any questions about Marriott members, you can leave a message to me, the information you need is summarized here.

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